Rumors and predictions by analysts have led us to believe that Apple is going to show off the iWatch tomorrow, the event where the new iPhones are believed to be the main attraction. Purported components and parts of the iPhone 6 have appeared online time and time again but we haven’t seen similar leaks for the iWatch. Today purported iWatch component drawings have been leaked online at a time where there’s believed to less than a day before the official announcement of this wearable device.


These CAD drawings for purported iWatch components were initially posted on Reddit. They even include Quanta’s watermark. Those who keep an eye on Apple’s supply chain would recognize the name, Quanta has been an Apple partner for a long time.

According to the source the iWatch is going to have a flexible display which will “add a new dimension to the UI.” The iWatch is also said to have a mic, speaker and Siri integration. It may even be waterproof up to 20 meters. Battery life is always a big concern with wearable devices, a rumor recently suggested that Apple’s engineers aren’t happy with the iWatch’s battery performance, but today’s source claims that it will be good for an entire day of use.

The previous rumor of two different display sizes for the iWatch has been reiterated, each model will presumably be offered in four colors. It goes without saying that these drawings have not been confirmed by Apple, or Quanta for that matter, so it would be best not to forget that grain of salt.

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