Last week Motorola formally announced the smartwatch that many of us had been anxiously waiting for. The Moto 360went on sale shortly after it was announced and Motorola has claimed that it has already sold out of the initial stock. The company confirmed that the all-metal version of Moto 360 will be available this year but didn’t give a confirmed release date. Verizon has put up a pre-order page for the Moto 360 metal band version which includes the shipping date as well.


According to the Verizon pre-order page for the all-metal Moto 360 smartwatch, this particular version won’t start shipping until November 11th.Keep in mind though that this might be Verizon’s date, the possibility exists that Motorola might start selling it a bit early, other carriers may have their own release dates for this version.

There’s one more thing to keep in mind. The leather band model of Motorola Moto 360 costs $249 before taxes. If you want to have the luxury of an all-metal Moto 360 you will have to dish out an additional $50, which bumps up the smartwatch’s price to $299 excluding taxes. Verizon will ship it for free so at least you will have that going for you.

If you have already picked one up and are in no mood to buy another from Verizon just for the metal band fear not. Motorola will be selling the metal bands separately later this year for $79.99.

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