ipad-mini-retina-review-chamferEarlier this morning, there were rumors going around that come this 21st of October, Apple will be holding an event to introduce new iPads to the fold. On the surface, it does sound to make plenty of sense. After all, with all the dust having settled around the new iPhone 6 as well as its more generously sized sibling, the iPhone 6 Plus, there was no mention of a new iPad being in the pipeline. While whispers of an iPad mini 3 started to make its rounds, and Reuters going on to report that Apple is on track to introduce a couple of new iPads this coming October 21st, is that going to come to pass?

Perhaps not, according to a certain Jim Dalrymple who is well connected. Jim is pretty stern with his stand concerning an Apple event that will be held this October 21st which will roll out new iPad models, having mentioned a curt “Nope.

Do you think that Apple has new iPads up their sleeves that they have somehow managed to keep under wraps so well, so much so that there are no image leaks off from the production line so far, or has Apple decided to concentrate more on the iPhone this year?

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