aisin-seiki-sleep-monitor-1[CEATEC 2014] We did take a closer look at the Aisin Seki robotic wheelchair earlier this evening, and the company is not quite done just yet when it comes to making everyday life more efficient and better. Here is the Sleep Monitor which could potentially usher in a new way of helping one overcome their sleep disorders. Just how does the Sleep Monitor work anyways?


For starters, with the rising levels of stress across the globe, it goes without saying that sleep disorders, too, are on the rise. After all, how many people are able to go to sleep without having to worry or think about the different challenges that they face at the office, not to mention relationship issues back home? This Sleep Monitor will show the progress and quality of a person’s sleep, relaying such information via easy-to-understand indices and graphs.

Using technology that is employed in the control of vehicle’s air bags that will detect a person’s weight in the front passenger seat, this particular device has seen a creative employment by being attached to individual bed legs. This will in turn enable the detection of the sleeper’s movements. When it works in tandem alongside proprietary sleep analysis technology, it is then fully possible to realize and quantify the quality of sleep through 5 different sleep indices.

From here on, individuals will be able to rely on professional advice in order to further improve their sleep quality, and more often than not, you can be sure that it will require some sort of reorganization when it comes to one’s lifestyle habits.Not only that, this system is useful to check on the sleep of a family member remotely, figuring out how many times they get up and out of bed each night. Useful for catching children who are supposed to be sleeping but are busy with a silent pillow fight instead.

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