Camels walking through a vast expanse of desert dunes immediately invokes images of Arabia in one’s mind and even in this day and age it holds true to some extent. The Liwa Desert is one of the oldest sites in the United Arab Emirates and when Google wanted to capture the desert’s stunning imagery it decided keep the “disruption of this fragile environment” at a minimum, which is why it strapped a Street View camera on the back of a camel.

The breathtaking imagery from Liwa Desert is now available on Google Maps, giving us the chance to see stunning sand dunes reaching heights of 25-40 meters from the comfort of our homes, without having to bear the desert heat.

The Trekker camera, which is used to capture locations for Street View, was strapped on the back of a camel named Raffia. That incredible vantage point provides imagery that is worth seeing, since it gives the feeling of actually being on the camel’s back, which is arguably the best way to take in such a majestic desert.

The Liwa Desert is already a major tourist attraction in the United Arab Emirates and with Street View, Google may be able to interest other travelers who have yet to go through this experience.

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