microsoft-surface-pro-3__34Earlier this year Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3 tablet. It was interesting that there was no mention of a Surface 3, the ARM-based version of Microsoft’s Surface tablet lineup, but now according to a report from TK Tech News who cites multiple sources, it seems that Microsoft has a Surface 3 in the works that could be launched this holiday season.

TK Tech News also goes on to state that Microsoft could be launching the Surface mini alongside the Surface 3 as well. It’s interesting that the Surface mini rumors have surfaced once again. Prior to the Surface Pro 3 being announced, there were rumors that Microsoft had been working on a Surface mini, but the tablet was cancelled at the very last minute.

However later rumors suggested that the tablet had gone back into production but at that point in time, it was just vaporware as no one had seen the device. A later report from Neowin had suggested that the tablet was indeed very real as the publication’s Brad Sams had claimed to have played with the device.

One of the reasons the tablet was pulled back then was because Microsoft had apparently felt that there was nothing special about the tablet that would be worth launching, so either Microsoft has decided to go ahead with the launch anyway or they could have worked on the tablet to give it some specs worthy of consideration.

As for the Surface 3, chances are it will share the same feature as the Surface Pro 3. The main different will probably be instead of an Intel-based processor, we could be looking at an ARM-based processor instead. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but would either a Surface 3 or Surface mini be of interest to you this holiday season?

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