yvan-arpa-pine-apple-gold-diamonds-apple-watch-2The fabled Apple Watch – an object of desire for many, this is for sure, although one would most probably have to fork out an enormous amount of money for it when it becomes available. The battery life of this wearable technology remains up in the air and a mystery to all except for those within the inner sanctum of Cupertino, and the latest rumor making its rounds hails from France – citing that Apple will be releasing the Apple Watch this coming February 14th, which so happens to be Valentine’s Day of course. The entire timing of this release, if true, would more or less confirm how Apple views the Apple Watch – that it is more of a fashion item than anything else. After all, the Apple Watch did appear on display during Fashion Week in Paris.

In the very same rumor from France, it is said that the Watch Edition of the device would retail for a wallet busting $5,000, which is insane when you think about it. This particular variant of the timepiece would feature an 18K gold build of course, in order to justify its price tag. Apart from that, there will be another model that carries a stainless steel case which will cost a whole lot less at $500 a pop, which is still more expensive compared to the $349 price tag that the Apple Watch Sport version is said to carry. This is in line with the earlier mention of a spring 2015 release.

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