Evernote is arguably a very popular note-taking service used by millions and millions of people around the world. Its free offering is good enough for most individual users but for those who want some extra features, the company offers a $5 per month premium service. According to Evernote CEO Phil Libin this is the “wrong” subscription price and he has said that subscribers should expect to see a change in the coming year.

Libin was speaking at the Web Summit conference in Ireland and that’s where he revealed that a revised pricing structure for Evernote premium is on the cards.

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that the subscription price is going to go down. Libin didn’t make that distinction, he merely said that the current price is wrong and that it will be changed come 2015. So it could go either way, Evernote may increase the price, or decrease it.

Currently $5 per month gets premium Evernote users the ability to work offline, additional file store as well as access to Evernote’s support team. Libin says that the new pricing is going to kick in early next year but he is vague even on that front, not revealing precisely when the new pricing structure is going to go live.

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