Who would have thought that a game like Goat Simulator would end up being successful enough, that it has been warranted to deserve its very own MMO? Well, for those who have had their fair share of fun with the latest Goat Simulator MMO, you might have missed out on this particular tribute – an Easter Egg that pays homage to the famous Cow Level found in Diablo 2.

This particular Easter Egg will require the gamer to make use of a catapult in order to fling himself into “Twistram.” Diablo fans will no doubt be familiar with that play on the village in the Diablo series, where Twistram will feature gloomy lighting and accompanying music which will roll back the years. From there, you would need to make a mess out of the Cathedral so that you can uncover the subterranean passage which will send you to the “Not So Secret Cow Farm.”

In there, the anthropomorphic cow herd would be enraged with the presence of a goat, where they will then target you with laser beams from their eyes. Of course, you can kill them, but the sheer number of cows there make it an impossible task to complete even if you have all eternity to do so.

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