Say it’s cold outside and you need to wear gloves while you commute, bike, or go about your jog, but what if you need to interact with your smartphone? Does that mean you will need to take off your gloves and put them back on? While there are touchscreen-friendly gloves, users will still need to reach for their phone which in some cases might not be very convenient.

So wouldn’t it be better if you could control all of it via your gloves itself? Well if that sounds like a great idea, then the GoGlove could be a Kickstarter project worth investing in. On the surface the GoGlove looks like a regular pair of gloves, but there are sensors and magnets built into the thumb and fingertips, so that when you touch your thumb and fingers together, a specific action will be performed.

For example you could choose to adjust volume by touching your index and thumb together, or you could choose to pause/play with a thumb and middle finger combo, skip a track, and so on. It can also be used as a remote shutter for your phone’s camera as the glove will pair with smartphones via Bluetooth.

Interestingly enough this sounds an awful lot like the BearTek Gloves we reported on last year, with the main different being that the GoGlove appears to be a lot more lightweight and casual, while the BearTek Gloves appear to be more rugged. Either way if you like what you see/hear, there is still 9 days left to go for the project to be successfully funded.

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