Evernote is a popular note-taking application that is available across a variety of platforms. With a large user base ever hungry for more features the developers have to come up with something new every now and then so at their first ever conference last month they unveiled Work Chat. It basically does what the name suggests, allow Evernote users to chat within the app with each other.


A distinction has to be made though. Evernote is not an instant messaging app so its not like it can be used for chatting per se. Rather the Work Chat feature is used for communication between multiple people who are working on one document. It is also possible to share notes with partners, even those who are connected with the user on LinkedIn.

The notes can be sent from within the app or through email. Notes sent will be marked as such in the conversation. The aim behind Work Chat is to make it easier for two or more people who are working on a single Evernote document to collaborate easily and effectively with each other, particular on a mobile device, where the absence of this feature would otherwise require them to jump between Evernote and some other chat application.

This update of Evernote which includes Work Chat is now available for download on the desktop, Android and iOS

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