bose-speakerAs we’re sure you might have heard by now, Apple has acquired Beats. This means that the Beats headphones and Beats Music streaming service will now belong to Apple, and that being said, could this mean that Apple will be phasing out competitors from their store? Well according to the folks at MacRumors, there is a possibility of that happening.

According to MacRumors, they claim to have heard from a source that Apple could be preparing to remove Bose audio products from their retail stores. The change is said to begin next week, although it is unclear as to why this might be happening. It is possible that due to the fact that Apple owns beats that they’d rather have their own brand in their stores.

However this would mean the removal of other products, but for now the rumors are only suggesting Beats. It could also be simply due to rivalry as it was recently reported that due to an agreement Bose had with the NFL, Beats headphones and other brands are not allowed to be worn by the players during televised games.

There was also a patent dispute between Bose and Beats regarding noise cancellation technology, although that has since been resolved thanks to a settlement. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but we guess we will just have to wait until next week to see if the rumors are true.

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