Samsung-Gear-VR-08As some of you might have heard, the Samsung Gear VR virtual reality head has been launched. Now we’re sure many of you guys out there are eager to go ahead and get your hands on the device, especially if you own the Galaxy Note 4 which is the handset required in order to get the Gear VR to work.

However it seems that if you bought your Galaxy Note 4 from a carrier such as Verizon or Sprint, your joy could be short-lived. It seems that Samsung has warned users that those who own a carrier-bought Galaxy Note 4 will not be able to use it together with the Gear VR until an update for their phones has been issued.

This is a warning that has apparently been tucked at the bottom of the company’s press release, although a warning placed higher up in the text would have been much appreciated, especially for those who bought the Gear VR and are discovering that it will not work without an update. Unfortunately there is no word on when these carrier updates will be issued that will allow the Galaxy Note 4 to work with the Gear VR, but hopefully for the sake of customers it will be soon.

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