CrowdedRocketCrowdedRocket, a new crowdfunding platform, launched today. With the help of a hanfull of thought leaders, the platform curates startups in the wearable, IoT, mobile and consumer electronics field and provides industry experts to build the campaign’s messaging, video, marketing and communication strategy.

Unlike competitive services, CrowdRocket only focuses on startups and help fulfillment of non product-related gifts, to avoid fraud. The service actively prepares startups for successful campaigns, which is quite different from the Do It Yourself approach of other popular crowdfunding sites.

Moodmetric_2014_bg_white_PRESS-550x400The first products launching on the platform are quite interesting: Moodmetric is a smart jewelry labeled “digital mood ring” by the company. The ring tracks your emotional status by measuring your skin conductance. According to the company, it will help the development of your emotional intelligence and facilitate meditation exercises. I wish they could add  the basic notifications to the feature mix, just like Ringly does.

Imp is a small and affordable desktop and universal media streamer that supports Amazon Video, Netflix and Hulu. Hoop tracker V 2.0 is an automatic basketball shot tracking system.

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