gold-bikeThe folks over at Goldgenie (who have introduced luxurious smartphones before) have certainly outdone themselves this time around, with a bicycle that sells for more than what a Ferrari would cost. Just how much would this particular bicycle from Goldgenie burn in your bank account? We are looking at a whopping £250,000. Taking into consideration how the world’s gold price has fallen in recent months, who knows how much it will be worth if it inflates in the future due to some sort of crisis?

Just why is this particular bicycle so expensive? For starters, it will arrive covered in 24-carat gold plating, where buyers also have the option of picking up this ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ gift to arrive encrusted with jewels. I am quite sure that anyone would love to have this bicycle under their Christmas tree when December 25th rolls around, and it ought to make for a decent prezzie for anyone who hails from London’s high society.

This particular bicycle has been touted to be ‘a mobile golden masterpiece’, where it will definitely turn heads whenever you bring it out for a spin. However, knowing the value of the bicycle, it would be best to be left at home – preferably behind some sort of high security bullet-proof glass enclosure.

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