ios 8 adoptionWhile iOS 8 might be the latest operating system version from Apple, it seems that not everyone is as eager to download the software as compared to iOS 7 which offered more radical changes from iOS 6. That being said, iOS 8’s adoption is on the rise, albeit slowly, and the latest numbers from Apple’s App Store support page (via MacRumors) have revealed that adoption of iOS 8 is currently sitting at 63%.

This is an improvement over last month’s figures which revealed that adoption of iOS 8 was sitting at 56%, so a 7% increase in a month is still growth, albeit a slow one. Apple’s own estimates appear to be in line with those from other analytics services such as MixPanel which has estimated iOS 8’s adoption to be around 63.94%.

In some ways it is not surprising that not many users are eager to adopt iOS 8. Unlike iOS 7 which offered up a completely new design along with a host of new features, iOS 8 mainly introduced new features and improvements, which while welcome, isn’t as exciting as a UI revamp, something which iOS users have been asking for for many years.

Other possibilities could be due to the buggy nature of iOS 8 which was fixed in iOS 8.1 which led to more adoption. Apple has also stopped signing for iOS 7 so users are also forced to update their devices. In any case there is still quite a way to go before the next major release of iOS, so we have to wonder will iOS 8 see the same figures enjoyed by iOS 7 by then, or will it be lower?

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