Robots are starting to invade the various spaces of our lives – and this does not mean that such mechanical wonders are going to stop their march anytime soon. No sir, in fact, we continue to see increasing exposure to robots among the younger generation, where projects such as the PiKit Modular Robot will contribute to the overall cause. This is a unique robotic kit that happens to be based on the Raspberry Pi platform, and it wants to learn robotics.

A bunch of greenhorn engineers from Slovakian company Anima Technika has kicked off an Indiegogo campaign for the PiKit Modular Robot kit, where the centerpiece of the kit happens to be a tiny, black box that has a quartet of buttons alongside an accompanying display which is known as the PiController. Each of these black boxes will sport 3–axis accelerometers and gyroscopes, a 3–axis magnetometer, PWM expansion chip, buzzer, speaker, and LCD backlit display.

You will be able to come up with robots that act different, thanks to the plugging in of motors and additional sensors into the PiController. Apart from that, you can check out the open source code and tutorials which are available so that the novice can get started on the right path, and just in case you were wondering, a “sexy moves algorithm” is also part of the deal.

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