sony_pictures_logoAs many of you guys have heard by now, Sony Pictures was hacked and with the hack not only were threats made to the company, but leaked information such as email exchanges, scripts, financial information, and more were made available to the public. Safe to say this is a pretty embarrassing moment for Sony and it seems that they’re hoping that by threatening to sue, they will be able to keep things under wraps.

According to reports, Sony has threatened Twitter that they will sue them should any of the leaked emails find their way onto the social network. Sony’s threat was confirmed by Twitter in a letter they received from Sony’s attorney in which Sony said that should any of the “stolen information continues to be disseminated by Twitter in any manner,” the website will be held responsible for any damages or losses as a result of that.

Sony had also requested for Twitter to suspend the account of musician Val Broeksmit who had been actively tweeting the leaked emails via his Twitter account. They had also reportedly asked Twitter to destroy any copies of the email that they might have stored on their systems. When asked by Re/code if he plans on stopping, Broeksmit said he was unsure, but at this point in time suggested that he probably wouldn’t stop.

He also commented on how he felt when he first received the letter from Sony. “It totally freaked me out. It was a little scary at first and then I started talking to people who told me it was ridiculous.” What do you guys think? Is this really the best way to handle the situation?

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