twitter-loginI am quite sure that some of us have run into issues when it comes to signing in to Twitter for the past few hours, which means you are one who is unable to live without being connected to the Internet in some way or another for long. Having said that, the problem involving the Twitter sign in is not the case of something being wrong on your side, but rather, on Twitter’s side.

There are varying messages that greet you upon the failure to log in, including “Something is technically wrong. … Thanks for noticing–we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.” as well as “Twitter is currently down for maintenance.” if you happen to be in select time zones, such as those who are in Eastern European Time.

Thankfully, Twitter is more than aware of the current issue, and are working hard to solve whatever problem that plagues them. Of course, speculations have been flying around, with some thinking that it happens to be a problem with the dates, since Tweetdeck is showing posts backdated by 365 days. Of course, for those who are still signed in, the service ought to be able to run fine and dandy, but select time zones do claim that it is under maintenance. Which group are you in?

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