apple-iwatch-front-uiWhen Apple first announced the Apple Watch last year, they promised that we could expect the device to be released early this year. Some rumors and speculation have pegged the wearable’s launch in March, but unfortunately that no longer appears to be the case. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has recently revealed that the Apple Watch will be launching in April.

This was revealed during Apple’s earnings call in which Cook publicly announced the April shipping date. This also marks it as the first time that Apple has made a comment regarding the product’s release date, so we guess we now have a more specific timeframe to look forward to, although no dates were mentioned.

While we suppose April is in the earlier part of the year, some have voiced their criticisms and claimed that April isn’t exactly considered “early” as they had expected a Q1 release. However according to Cook, “To us, it’s sort of within the range. It’s basically when we thought.” Unfortunately apart from the launch date, Cook did not dive into more details about the watch, such as its pricing.

We know that the base Apple Watch will be priced starting at $350, but there will be different models that are expected to cost more which is something Cook did not elaborate on. In any case this means that we still have at least 3 more months until we can get our hands on the device, so hopefully Apple will be able to figure out on how to improve its battery life before then.

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