Fake_Chinese_Apple_Watch-13The Apple Watch has yet to be released despite it being announced last year. However if the recent rumors are to be believed, we could be looking a possible release in March. That being said it looks like while you might not be able to get your hands on the device for the next few months, how about a knock off?

It seems that the folks at Mashable have stumbled across a booth at CES 2015 in which a Chinese company by the name of Hyperdon was selling a wearable that looked eerily familiar. As you can see in the image above, Hyperdon appears to be selling what looks like an exact rip off of the Apple Watch.

The company was not only selling a wearable that looks exactly like the Apple Watch, but what’s even more fascinating is the fact that the watch is running on an operating system that seems to be remarkably similar to the Apple Watch OS as well. And how much will this Apple Watch lookalike set you back? Try a meager $30.

According to Mashable who bought one and took it for a spin, the device seemed to work as intended for the most part as they were able to play music and make phone calls through the device. The rep at Hyperdon was also reported as saying that the watch is available for purchase via retailers in the US and China, although she declined to mention any particular store that might carry it.

[Image credit – Mashable, Christina Ascani]

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