Before January 21st the reports were that Microsoft is going to unveil the consumer version of Windows 10 and talk more about its new web browser codenamed Spartan. No new hardware was expected. It surprised everyone when Microsoft unveiled HoloLens, a new device that aims to bring hologram technology to the masses. Could it at some point support Xbox One and PC? Microsoft isn’t closing the door on this possibility.

Xbox chief Phil Spencer said in an interview recently that should HoloLens become a standalone product success there are “specific scenarios” that Microsoft is considering in which HoloLens support for Xbox One and PC will be feasible.

Microsoft is first going to put all its energies into making sure that HoloLens succeeds as a standalone device. All of the experiences that have been shown off up till now run all on their own. The device isn’t connected to something else. “We wanted to land that first,” Spencer says.

Clearly gaming is going to be an important area of focus with this device. One of the scenarios that Microsoft is thinking about is where people can be provided with streaming solutions so that HoloLens can be used as a display for Xbox.

Spencer isn’t saying that all of this is definitely going to happen, there’s no point in getting your hopes up right away, but who knows what the future holds for HoloLens.

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