ios 8 jan 2015Apple has never really had much of a problem with iOS’ adoption rate. This is thanks to the fact that when Apple releases an update, pretty much every iOS users will be able to download and update their devices regardless of whether they are tied to a carrier or not. However with iOS 8, things are moving a tad slowly.

Back in December we had heard that iOS 8’s adoption was around the 63% market and now according to Apple’s developer portal, iOS 8’s adoption has increased by 5% and is now sitting at the 68% mark. Unsurprisingly iOS 7’s share has gone down by a bit, but devices running at older builds of iOS are still sitting at the 4% mark.

That being said iOS 8 is gaining more market share steadily, but when it was first released, its adoption rate was noticeably slower. For example in the first 18 hours of iOS 7’s release, the platform managed to nab about 15% of the iOS market, but iOS 8 was only sitting at the 6% mark which is even lower than that of iOS 6 which hovered a little over 8%.

We can only assume that the lack of major UI changes and the buggy nature of the initial updates are to blame for users refusing to update, that and how iOS 8 has managed to slow down older devices considerably.

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