ipod classic coverApple has a Smart Cover designed for the iPad that basically protects the screen of the tablet and wakes it up when you open. We’re sure many are wondering why doesn’t Apple offer something similar for the iPhone, but we guess that’s what concept renders are for, right? Thanks to designer Claudio Gomboli, he has recently shown off a concept render for the iPhone that brings back some pretty fond memories.

As you can see in the image above, the concept cover for the iPhone has been designed to mimic the design of the iPod Classic. It features a click wheel and when the cover is closed upon the phone, it will pull up the music player whose interface once again mimics that of the iPod Classic.

While we’re not sure how it would work exactly, Gomboli’s concept will also feature the click-wheel design that would actually work together with music player, so for those who are a little bummed at the discontinuation of the iPod Classic, hopefully this will appease you guys. However like we said this is merely a concept and not an actual product.

That being said it is still a pretty clever idea and one that we wouldn’t mind seeing made a reality in the future, but what do you guys think? Is this an iPhone cover you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on?

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