Connected objects appear to be all the rage these days. Internet of Things is a popular topic, the concept being that everyday objects connected to the internet would be easier to control remotely, and various solutions have already popped up that allow you to retrofit stuff that you already have. But this means more remotes to look after. The Neeo “Thinking Remote’ wants to make things simpler for you, it wants to be the thing you reach out for to control anything and everything that can be controlled with a remote.


Neeo has two parts, the bran and the remote. It is the brain that communicates with connected devices around the house and allows the remote to control them. The team has cataloged “tends of thousands of devices” so chances are it will be able to control majority of your devices.

The brain can also work with the Neeo app for smartphones so its not necessary to have the physical remote but it makes sense to have one just to get the proper user experience.

With just the right amount of buttons the Neeo remote has a 291ppi display, hand recognition, a rechargeable battery and even a SOS alarm which can be activated from a smartphone should you ever misplace the Neeo remote.

The Kickstarter project has been a hit. As of this writing $65,042 have been pledged against the goal of $50,000. There’s still 29 days to go so its safe to say this project will be overfunded by a large margin. Pledge $148 to receive one Neeo brain or $219 to get the brain and remote combo. Estimated delivery timeframe is May 2015.

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