ORA-X[CES 2015] Are smart glasses considered geeky? To a certain extent we have to say that Google Glass actually looks pretty cool and futuristic, but we guess to others they might consider it to be a rather geeky thing to wear on one’s face. In fact Optinvent seems to think so as well and has asked customers to forget such devices, and instead focus on the company’s smart headphones.

The company has recently unveiled the ORA-X which they are calling a pair of smart headphones. These are headphones that are powered by Google’s Android operating system and will feature a retractable display that users can lift up or down when they want to use it or stow it away, as opposed to having it in their face all the time.

The ORA-X will feature noise cancelling capabilities, a front-facing camera, a 9-axis motion sensor, wireless connectivity including Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS, a trackpad for users to interact with the device, and a microphone which users can use to execute voice commands and to make calls with.

According to Kayvan Mirza, CEO and Co-Founder of Optinvent, “The ORA-X is a clean break from this paradigm. Now not only can you hear music, but you can ‘see music’. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s also about hands free mobile computing without looking like a cyborg. It’s about “augmenting your senses” while still looking stylish.” The ORA-X is scheduled for a release later this year but pricing has yet to be determined.

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