porsche-pajunWhen one talks about Porsche, one would definitely think of the iconic 911 supercar, which is not only compact, but packs quite a punch when it is driven. Well, over the years, Porsche has also moved on to explore other kinds of rides, including 4-wheel drives starting with the Cayenne, and they also have the extremely luxurious Panamera. Well, it is close to four years that rumors have been going around concerning a model known as the Porsche Pajun – and it looks like all that time waiting is about to bear some “fruit” at last.

Word on the street has it that Porsche is working on launching what they would call the Pajun (which is shorthand for Panamera Junior, similar to how the Macan project was previously known as the Cajun), and the main draw for the Pajun? It would be a 100% electric vehicle, now how about that?

Chances are the Pajun (which would most probably be called something else when released) will be different enough to stand out from the likes of other four-door rides, although it should be in the class size of that of the Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5 Series, and Audi A6. The thing is, will Tesla be directly affected in this market segment if the Pajun were to take off in a big way?

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