tesla-model-s-sunsetIt wasn’t too long ago that a mysterious Apple van has been spotted driving the streets of the Bay Area. Some have speculated that the car is being used for a mappings project similar to Google Street View, while others have speculated that Apple could be thinking of launching a self-driving car of their own.

Interestingly enough a new rumor has surfaced, according to Business Insider (via 9to5Mac) who claims that an Apple employee has contacted them claiming that Apple is planning a project that could give Tesla a “run for its money”. Tesla, for those unfamiliar, is an electric car company who recently made the headlines when it was found that Apple had been trying to poach employees from their company.

We’re not sure what the report is trying to tell us – could we be looking at Apple trying to create some kind of electric car of their own? A self-driving electric car, perhaps? It does seem like quite a stretch, although Business Insider offers that the rumor could simply be talking about how Apple could come up with better iOS integration in vehicles, although we highly doubt CarPlay can be considered worthy of giving Tesla a run for its money.

In any case it is an interesting rumor, if not a sketchy one at that, so take it with huge doses of salt for now, but do check back with us at a later date to see if the rumor pans out or if it might be debunked.

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