kisauveWhat do you have on your keychain at the moment, other than a memento that reminds you of the previous holiday that you had, or perhaps something cute that carves a smile on your face each time you look at it? Well, the K’isauve is something else altogether, boasting of the ability to boost your smartphone’s capabilities when you place it on your keychain. Right now, however, the K’isauve remains as an Indiegogo campaign, and will not roll off production lines until it receives enough funds to meet its goal.


The K’isauve is in essence, a battery, a USB drive as well as a sync cable, all rolled into one. K’isauve means “which saves” in French might be a wee bit difficult to pronounce for the non-French speaking world, but you know what the bard said – a rose by any other name, would smell just as sweet.

Measuring a mere 1.7” square and half an inch thick, this is on little device that features a couple of cables that have been tucked neatly into grooves. When you pop them out, one side would be plugged into an iOS or Android device, while the other would plug into a USB port, allowing you to synchronize files in a jiffy, or to hook up your handset to a wall outlet just in case you happen to be running low on power, now how about that for convenience?

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