There is already a lot of competition in the online video streaming arena so a new service would have to offer some pretty decent incentive to users if it intends to stick around. Unfortunately that’s not the case for Target Ticket. The retailer confirmed today that its video streaming service is going to be shut down next month, merely 18 months after it was first launched.

In an update posted on its website it was announced today that Target Ticket will be shut down on March 7th, 2015. Earlier this week the service’s video rental service met its end however subscribers will be allowed to view TV shows and movies that they have already rented until March 7th.

Target has reached an understanding with CinemaNow which will allow users to access their rentals even after Target Ticket has been closed. After the date users can transfer content in their library as well as unused store credit to CinemaNow which is also a streaming service that used to be owned by Best Buy.

It was never really revealed how many people had actually signed up to use Target Ticket which provided some 30,000+ titles for rent and purchase.

Clearly the response wasn’t good enough to make Target continue providing this service.

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