They say that skipping rope is a great way to exercise, lose weight, build stamina, and it’s also great for coordination, especially if you’re a boxer. Now for those who love to skip rope but want a more hi-tech solution, you’re in luck as a Kickstarter project for a skipping rope called Sophia is seeking funding.


For the most part, the Sophia is a skipping rope, but it has the ability to connect to an app in which it will then be able to track your progress. The sensors and the rest of the electronics are embedded inside the handle of the Sophia itself and will pair with your iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth.

For those looking to sync their data with Apple or Google’s health apps like HealthKit and Google Fit, the companion app to Sophia will be able to integrate with it as well, so you can store all your biometrics in a single location for better consolidation, if that’s what you’re after. The creators of Sophia have also thought of ergonomics.

They have designed the handles to have a flat twisted side with a rubberised grip, and thanks to the use of magnets, they will be able to “clip” together thus making it more portable. It’s an interesting idea and for those looking for smarter exercise equipment, then head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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