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A new rumor making the rounds today claims that on a recent trip to Germany Apple CEO Tim Cook was overheard telling a retail employee that the waterproofing of the Apple Watch has improved since it was unveiled last year, apparently it can even be worn in the shower, when this device was shown off for the first time the company didn’t say if it was waterproof enough to be worn while swimming or taking a shower.


The rumor from claims that Cook was speaking to employees at a retail store in Berlin where he told them that the wears his Apple Watch everywhere, “even in the shower.”

It should be kept in mind though that when the Apple Watch was unveiled last year the company had only said that the device was good for wearing in the rain, getting sweaty during a workout and washing hands. There was no mention of showers or swimming pools.

While it is possible that Apple has tweaked the watch enough that its now good for those tasks as well, one can’t discount the possibility that Cook might simply have been misheard, so we’ll really have to wait until the device arrives to find out just how resistant it is to water.

The Apple Watch will start shipping to customers in April.

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