google carAccording to an earlier report, it was rumored that Google could be looking to take Uber on by launching a taxi service of their own. In fact Google’s service is pretty far along to the point where they already have an app in place that is being tested by Google employees. Unsurprisingly Uber will not be taking this lying down and could be looking to fire back at Google.

According to a report by TechCrunch, word on the street has it that Uber is currently looking to build a robotics research lab in Pittsburgh, PA, where the company is looking to develop self-driving cars of their own, which would undoubtedly allow them to compete with the likes of Google and other car manufacturers who are working on similar vehicles of their own.

TechCrunch’s source also revealed to them that Uber has hired talent from Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute which includes lead engineering and commercialization experts, although unsurprisingly neither Uber nor Carnegie have agreed to comment on the rumors. That being said, this doesn’t really come as a surprise as Uber’s CEO has mentioned in the past that ultimately the company would love to replace their human drivers with self-driving vehicles.

Uber will be developing the core technology, the vehicles, and the infrastructure at the Pittsburgh facility, according to rumors. No word on how long it would take before we see Uber’s self-driving car efforts make it into the market, but if the rumors about Google and Uber’s efforts are true, it will be an interesting landscape to look forward to.

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