angry-birds-fireworks“Truth is stranger than fiction” as well as “art imitates life” ring true today, as we bring you some sad news of children who should know better. Angry Birds, the mobile game that has seen millions of different copies downloaded and installed all over the world, across many different platforms, proved to be the fatal inspiration for children who allegedly tied live sparrows to firework rockets – with the end result being ‘real-life Angry Birds’, no doubt giving our feathered friends a painful farewell along the way.

Apparently, a group of Chinese children made use of fireworks in order to play a weird, real-life version of Angry Birds – using captured live sparrows. Their shenanigans might not have been discovered if 45 year old Huang Chu did not notice the children running away from an unexpected firework. Upon inspecting said firework further, he was aghast to have found a sparrow strapped to it – thankfully, the fuse had run out for this little buddy.

After setting the sparrow free, Chu claimed that he saw other bloodied and mutilated dead birds that obviously experienced the burning wrath of the fireworks. How sick can the world get these days, and how did something so cute like Angry Birds end up in the twisted minds of some children?

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