dyson pure coolDyson is a company probably best known for their home products, such as its vacuum cleaners and its bladeless fans. Just last year the company announced a new range of bladeless fans and it looks like it has recently receive an update in the form of a 360-degree glass filter. Basically what the filter does is that it helps clean the air in the room which might be handy for those suffering from allergies or who are sensitive to dust particles in the air.

According to Dyson, they claim that the glass filter is capable of filtering out as much as 99.95% of airborne invaders. The filter isn’t just any filter either as it is a high-efficiency particulate arrestance which is regulated by the US government, meaning that there are certain standards and criterias one has to adhere to so you can rest assured that you’re getting some good quality filters.

To test its effectiveness, Dyson blasted cigarette smoke from 228 sticks through the filter and according to them, they did not find any drop in airflow or performance, meaning that not only will you be getting clean air, but it will not come at the expense of your fan dropping in power or coolness. The model that has been updated with the new filter is the Dyson Pure Cool and it is slated for a release in China and Japan at the start.

Unfortunately no word on when the rest of the world can get their hands on the Dyson Pure Cool, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for it all the same.

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