apple_logoiOS 8’s adoption is on the rise albeit slowly. Last month we had heard that iOS 8 was sitting at the 72% mark and according to the latest figures, it seems that the number has since risen to 75% in March 2015. Granted the 3% jump is a bit small but it shows that iOS 8’s adoption is on the slow and steady rise.

As for older iOS builds, it looks like iOS 7 is still holding strong at 22% but we expect that those numbers will eventually decline with iOS 8 continuing to dominate. Earlier iOS builds are at 3% and presumably these are for devices that are too old to be upgraded to iOS 7 or iOS 8. At the rate iOS 8 is being adopted, we reckon it should be able to the hit the 90% mark or higher upon iOS 9’s announcement/release.

Granted out the door, iOS 8 was a lot slower to be adopted compared to iOS 7. This is mainly due to various issues plaguing the update upon its release, not to mention the fact that unlike iOS 7, iOS 8 was less of a dramatic update. However with later updates enabling Apple Pay, we reckon this was enough to get users to make the jump.

So why are users still holding onto iOS 7? Some users are choosing not to upgrade as it essentially causes them to lose jailbreak status. It is also possible that iOS 8 runs slower on older devices compared to iOS 7, but what do you guys think? Will iOS 8 be able to break the 90% mark eventually?

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