ios 8 feb 2015While iOS 8 might not have been the operating system that everyone rushed to get upon its release, it seems that it is slowly climbing up in terms of adoption. According to the latest numbers released by Apple, iOS 8’s adoption is currently sitting at 72% which is actually a pretty nice jump from earlier.

Towards the third week of January, we found that iOS 8 only climbed 1% which put them at 69%, up from earlier in January which was at 68%. In some ways this was a bit disappointing and it didn’t seem like things were going well for Apple’s latest operating system, but to see a 3% jump in a couple of weeks? That’s not too bad.

We are admittedly curious to see if iOS 8 will be able to achieve the same market share as iOS 7. Towards the later part of 2014, iOS 7 was sitting at a 90% adoption rate, so at the rate which iOS 8 is being adopted, we wonder if it will be able to get to those numbers ahead of iOS 9’s release and the release of Apple’s 2015 iPhones.

That being said, iOS 8’s adoption, while lower compared to previous releases, is still miles ahead when compared to Android. Last we heard, Android 5.0 Lollipop was only sitting at a market share of 1.6%, although we suppose in all fairness Android does have a pretty sizeable market share compared to iOS so even at 1.6%, those are still a lot of phones.

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