pebble-time-5One of the main differences between a regular watch and a smartwatch would be the additional features beyond telling the time, such as receiving notifications, answering calls, and music playback controls. However could it be that companies like Apple and Samsung have overcomplicated the design of smartwatches in a bid to outdo each other?

Pebble seems to think so. Speaking to the folks at TrustedReviews, Pebble spokesperson Monica Isla believes that companies such as Apple and Samsung have made smartwatches more complicated and complex than they really need to be. Isla was quoted as saying, “I think they [Apple and Samsung] overthink what people are going to do with them.”

She later follows up by saying, “We don’t lose sight that it’s a watch. I think a lot of people lose the fact that it’s a watch. It’s not a phone. It’s not a gadget. It’s a watch and time is what matters to people.” We suppose Isla does make some valid points, after all the purpose of a watch is to tell time and any other features would be considered a bonus, but at the end of the day we still have our phones when it comes to more complex tasks.

However despite her criticism, Isla believes that the Apple Watch has its merits and one of them is bringing about more awareness to the smartwatch industry, but are you guys in agreement with Isla’s statement? Do you think that maybe in an attempt to overtake the other, companies have started to make smartwatch unnecessarily complicated?

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