changesNow here is a rumor that you might very well want to keep your eyes peeled out for – we have heard of whispers that point to major changes happening to the Photos app and experience some time later this week. In fact, word on the street has it that Google is about to shake things up, and the number of changes will in all probability include Photos in addition to the auto-backup features that are, at the moment, integrated into Google+. I suppose we will just have to sit tight at the moment and look forward to see just what will these changes be like, should the rumors turn out to be true.

Basically, the rumors involved the discovery of what some might deem to be “evidence”, within an APK Teardown that the auto-backup functionality could actually be making a transition over into the Google Drive app. In other words, it would most definitely be part of a major change. Where the Photos app is concerned, it could be a split away from Google+, and end up as a standalone app, with a listing in the Play Store being a possibility, too. What do you think the upcoming changes, if any, will be?

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