The battery life of the Apple Watch has always been a major concern with Apple initially admitting that it might not last beyond a day. However recent reports have suggested that Apple has managed to improve on it to the point where it will still require a daily charge, but should last the wearer until the end of the day.


However if you’d rather be safe than sorry, third-party developers Lane Musgrave and John Arrow have recently unveiled the “Reserve Strap”. As the name implies, this is a watch strap designed for the Apple Watch that allows it to charge the smartwatch while you wear it. Essentially it’s an external battery pack for your smartwatch.

It will consist of a silicone band (for those who wanted something a bit more formal you’d be out of luck for now) and lithium polymer cells along with an inductive charging cradle that will help charge the device. According to its creators, it will have enough battery to charge the Apple Watch at least once over.

There are some concerns and that is whether or not the strap will get in the way of the sensors that are required to be in contact with the wearer’s skin in order to activate Apple Pay and other biometric data gathering. To that the creators have to say, “Since we haven’t been able to test anything on the actual device, it’s really hard to say whether we’ll be able to prevent interference with the sensors on the back. We won’t be able to know for sure until we’re able to test on the real thing but it’s certainly a priority for our product.”

Either way it is an interesting idea and we guess we will have to wait for the Apple Watch’s release in order to see if this strap will work nicely with the watch. In the meantime those who are interested can pre-order the strap via its website for $250.

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