apple watch chargeJust yesterday Apple unveiled additional details about the upcoming Apple Watch, such as how much it will cost and when it will be available for purchase. Apple also confirmed that the watch will be IPX7 certified meaning that it will be able to withstand a bit of water. Now another piece of information about the Apple Watch has surfaced and this time it is saying that the Apple Watch’s battery is replaceable.

This is according to the folks at TechCrunch who confirmed it with an Apple spokesperson who told them that yes, the battery inside the Apple Watch is replaceable, although they did not mention how much it would cost. However this is good news because unlike smartphones or even tablets, watches are meant to be kept for extended periods of time.

In the case of luxury watches, these can be kept around for decades, although we doubt that will happen with the Apple Watch. However the fact that the device costs so much, we’re sure that some users would at one point want to change its battery. After all why spend $10,000 on the Apple Watch Edition when its battery starts to fade and lose its charge after 2-3 years, right?

Apart from being able to swap out the battery, it is unclear as to whether other components within the Apple Watch can be changed as well, like upgrading the CPU or RAM as newer hardware is released because like we said, not many people would be willing to invest $10,000 in a watch whose hardware becomes sluggish after a couple of years, but either way we guess it’s still good news for now that at the very least its battery can be replaced.

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