While some of us only new couple of USB ports for the keyboard, mouse, and maybe a data cable or two, there are some who have plenty of peripherals which means that they will need multiple USB ports. Laptops for the most part tend to have less ports than desktops and devices like the new MacBook and Chromebook Pixel aren’t doing anyone any favors.

That being said if you’re looking for a way to potentially add an infinite amount of USB ports to your computer, you might be interested in a set of USB cables called the InfiniteUSB. The idea is simple – one USB cable plugs into your computer’s USB port, and from there it will provide enough power to power its own USB port in which you can attach another cable, and so on and so forth.

In theory this could see you add an infinite number of USB cables/ports to your computer, although by then we reckon that getting a USB hub might be a neater solution. However if you’d rather not juggle which devices to plug in and which devices you shouldn’t plug in, then the InfiniteUSB might come in handy.

The device is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter so if this sounds like a computer accessory that you think is worth owning, head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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