nomad puckDuring Apple’s Spring Forward event, the company revealed additional details about the Apple Watch such as its battery life which they estimated to be around 18 hours worth, which should more or less get you through the day. However if you’re a heavy user or if you’re worried about the watch dying midday, then the Nomad Pod could be an accessory worth checking out.

The Nomad Pod is basically a backup battery for the Apple Watch. It is shaped like a hockey puck and comes with the charging cable coiled around its inside, making it small and compact enough for you to take it out with you on the go. There is also a special port to accommodate the Apple Watch charging puck so you can basically stick your wearable on top of it just fine.

It also packs a 1,800mAh under its hood which according to the company, should be good enough for four full charges. Nomad has also decided to provide users with a variety of different connector options, such as the new USB-C connector which can be found on the new Retina MacBook and the new Chromebook Pixel.

It will also have a micro USB charging port and a standard USB out for those who don’t have computers that utilize the new USB-C connectors. As it stands Nomad claims that they are in talks with Apple and are waiting for the finalized dimensions of the Apple Watch charger before they begin production on the Pod which they estimate should begin shipping on the 15th of June and is priced at $60 each.

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