trefecta-drtIt is not everyday that one comes across a ride like this, and I am referring to the Trefecta DRT bike which will boast of a military-spec aluminum frame that would certainly blur the line between that of a motorcycle and a bicycle. After all, the whole point ot this folding super e-bike would be to “create the game, not change it.”

For instance, the Trefecta DRT will come with a built-in handlebar computer as well as a waterproof phone dock. The integrated battery has enough charge to bring you for up to 62 miles thereabouts, and you can ride it as a pedelec or as a throttle-driven motor bike. One thing is for sure, when it comes to style, the Trefecta DRT is not lacking at all, not when it carries with it a pair of quick-release carbon fiber wheels.

Hailing from Trefecta Mobility, which has been self described to be “an international team of Dutch, German and Swiss engineers,” the Trefecta DRT is not exactly a new category of vehicle, but rather it delivers a delicious looking piece of high-tech, fast and also rugged equipment. Expect the Trefecta DRT to come with a whopping €22,500 base price, where it is already up for pre-order.

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