yahoo flickr tabA couple of weeks ago we reported on a Google Chrome extension that basically put famous classic paintings into your blank tabs, thus making your tabs a bit prettier to look at and less boring, especially if you’re a huge fan of art and paintings by some of the greats. However if you’re not a fan of paintings but would rather have photos, you’re in luck.

Yahoo has recently launched a new Chrome extension called Flickr Tab. The idea is the same which is replace blank tab pages with photos Yahoo has curated from Flickr. The end results are just as beautiful, or maybe even more so if you’re someone who can appreciate these kinds of photos. The photos used will vary across different genres, so sometimes you might open a tab with a nature photograph, and another tab might have street photography.

This isn’t the first time that Yahoo has taken advantage of the beautiful photographs that photographers have uploaded onto Flickr. The company’s weather app has also relied on curating various photos to use as its background depending on your location, so in some ways this isn’t exactly new. In any case if you’re looking for a way to jazz up your blank tabs and appreciate some art in the process, head on over to the Chrome Web Store to install it.

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