apple watchIf the rumors are to be believed, the Apple Watch in general is expected to be limited at launch due to rumored supply constraints, but now a report from 9to5Mac has revealed that the Apple Watch Edition is rumored to be even more limited than usual. According to their sources, they have learnt that the Apple Watch Edition might only be available in a few stores.

Apparently Apple is choosing their flagship stores in each city/country to release the Apple Watch Edition in, meaning that if you don’t stay near a flagship store, you will need to travel there if you wish to get the device. We’re not sure if this has to do with supply being constrained or if Apple just wants to create a more exclusive experience for its customers.

Previously we had heard reports of how Apple Watch Edition customers would be given preferential treatment. This includes access to a dedicated Apple Watch Edition phone support line that is in operations 24/7, customers will also get to skip the queue, and they will be given personalized attention at the Apple Stores where employees will walk them through the entire process, versus regular customers who will only have 15 minutes of appointment time.

Considering that the cheapest Apple Watch Edition is retailing at $10,000, with the most expensive going up to $17,000, we suppose it makes sense that Apple is trying to give customers the same experience one might get when walking into a luxury store, although admittedly we are curious to see just how many customers would buy such a device to begin with.

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