apple_watch_motion_faceIt’s easy to ignore some of the various design elements in the Apple Watch. For the most part, most of us look at it and just think it’s another picture, it’s just another curve at the edge, it’s just another groove here and there, but it seems that there was a lot of attention put into designing the upcoming smartwatch from Apple.

According to a report from Wired, it has been revealed that some of the attention paid to the simplest of the Apple Watch’s designs are just astounding. For example in creating the Motion watch face, which basically puts the time against a backdrop of butterflies, floating jellyfish, and blooming flowers, the design team actually spent as much as 285 hours just for a single design.

The blooming flower was one such example. According to human interface lead Alan Dye, the blooming flower was photographed in stop-motion and that a single flower had required the team to shoot more than 24,000 shots which spanned a whopping 285 hours. As for the jellyfish, Apple actually built a tank inside their design studio and used a Phantom slow-motion camera to film the jellyfish moving about in 4K resolution at 300fps.

It’s pretty crazy especially when you realize that despite the high resolution, all of it would be squeezed into a 312×390 resolution display. So while the Apple Watch might not necessarily be receiving stellar reviews across the board right now, one truly has to appreciate the amount of work that has been put into it.

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