With the Apple Watch, Apple is approaching the launch and purchase of the device in a rather unique manner. Customers are allowed to book appointments to come in and try the device, but they can’t purchase it in the store. Instead they are required to make the purchase online. This is opposed to Apple’s usual product launches where customers get to choose to have their products delivered or purchase it in the store.

In the case of the iPhone, this has resulted in massive queues around the world on launch day. So with this new strategy Apple is applying, is it applicable to future product launches? Is Apple trying to do away with the hype and excitement that usually comes with the massive queues? Thankfully no, according to an internal video released by Apple. The video, obtained by Mac4Ever (via AppleInsider), features Apple’s retail chief Angela Ahrendts in which she address Apple’s employees.

The video is basically a pep talk of sorts in which Ahrendts prepares employees for the Apple Watch’s upcoming launch this Friday. However she also addresses future product launches and states that this will carry on as usual, and that the Apple Watch is a unique situation. According to Ahrendts, “We love our icon blockbuster launches that we do in the stores. And have absolutely no fear, you will see those. This is a very unique situation.”

So there you have it, if for some reason you love lining up for Apple products and joining the masses in purchasing a new Apple product, rest assured in knowing that the experience will be here to stay.

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