As we’ve seen in videos and heard the marketing promos from Apple, the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition will use sapphire crystal as its display, while the Apple Watch Sport will use Ion-X glass. However due to the curved nature of the display, there were some who were skeptical about the use of sapphire.

This is because sapphire when used as displays are typically made in one shape and style, so the curved form factor actually caused some to believe that maybe Apple isn’t telling the truth. Unboxing Therapy decided to find out by using a Diamond Tester to see if the display of the Apple Watch is truly made of sapphire crystal.

For those unfamiliar with the Diamond Tester, basically it’s a device used to authenticate certain materials, namely diamonds hence the name. It has a conductive tip that when put against materials such as sapphire and diamonds will light up the device, while normal glass will not have any effect. For those skeptics, it seems that they have been proven wrong as the Diamond Tester revealed that the Apple Watch truly does feature a sapphire crystal display.

In fact in the test, it was found that the level of sapphire crystal is higher than that of a more traditional timepiece which also uses sapphire crystal in its display. Previous tests have shown that the sapphire display is highly scratch resistant so if you’d like to have that peace of mind, you’d have to shell out at least $500 for that pleasure.

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