occulus-vr-dk2-001It seems that at the moment, virtual reality is a hot topic and we’re sure many gamers and developers are eager to get their hands on the Oculus Rift. However there is some bad news and that is there is a good chance that the commercial version of the Oculus Rift might not be released this year.


This is according to Facebook’s Q1 earnings call in which the company hinted at a possible delay. According to Facebook, “We have not announced any specific plans for shipment volumes for 2015 related to Oculus … Oculus is very much in the development stage and it’s too early to be talking about large shipment volumes.”

What this seems to mean is that the company might still be planning on selling developer kits for the time-being and that a consumer-friendly version might only be released next year. This seems to contradict an earlier report in which Facebook’s CTO hinted that the virtual reality headset could arrive this year.

However it also corroborates a rumor from last month which suggested that the wearable might have been delayed. In the meantime for those who are craving VR action, there are several alternatives one could choose from, like the recently announced HTC Vive which is an effort between HTC and Valve.

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